Technical Support


Our relationship does not end with the completion of the automated project management systems implementation project.

We provide complex support of Hydrogen and Oracle Primavera software for our clients or for the companies, which already use Oracle Primavera and need the help.

You receive that level of service, which needs in your business. Plans of maintenance can include support 24/365 by means of hotline of experts in the directions.

Experts of technical support answer your questions as soon as possible, 24 hours a day, 365 days in a year. Alternatively, you have enough support 8/5 by e-mail. Everything depends on your requirements and financial opportunities.


According to statistics, about 80% of user inquiries are not about software problems but about the methodological, organizational and technological challenges facing the business. For example, staff development, process reengineering, and software adaptation to meet user needs.

Organizational consulting: development and implementation of project management processes, development of organizational documentation packages, advanced training, such as trainings and workshops.

Software Technical support: Consulting and methodological support of users “how to apply”. Solving technical problems related to the installation and operation of HYDROGEN and Oracle Primavera software: usage, version upgrade, scaling, configuration, etc.

Expanding, scaling and growth of automated project management systems: reforming inefficient processes, logical and structural problems, modernizing and improving. Providing access to the knowledge base of the accumulated experience of implementing Oracle Primavera developed taking into account the specifics of the business.