Software Implementation

Implementation of Oracle Primavera and Progress Tracker for complex and large-scale construction projects

If you are on this page, we sincerely hope that you have made an informed decision to implement APMS (automated project management system based on Primavera). After all, the introduction of Primavera is first of all a significant organizational, process and personnel changes, as well as a change in the culture of management, and only then – the software.

We have been implementing Primavera for over 15 years, both in Ukraine and in other countries. During this time our team has developed several methodologies for the implementation of APMS, which are suitable for different Customers with completely different needs and scope of implementation.

In the process of implementation of the project of development and implementation of APMS we use practice-proven schemes of organizational changes, assessment of real needs of the customer, the formation of requirements to the target system and software solutions, formalization and optimization of business processes and training of team of specialists in project management with the help of automatic control system based on Primavera.

It is important to understand that Primavera Implementation – is much bigger, than deploying of the software. We analyze construction business process, we develop methodology of project management for the industry in which our customer works, we implement pilot projects in the course of introduction, and we form a package of organizational technical documentation for users, and so forth.

Our experienced staff implement and support Primavera and Hydrogen software in projects with a budget of more than $ 5 billion, use hands-on experience to improve service quality.

It should be noted that any project of implementation of a control system of projects surely consists of two parts: the deployment of APMS, and its implementation (which is discussed on this page).

The following Primavera implementation packages are offered

The cost of licenses of the software is not included into suggested price.
All integrations' solutions are considered as separate projects.

Organizational consulting is a comprehensive analysis of the current state of project management and project portfolios (programs) of the Customer, the formation of project management groups (PMG) on the roles (functions) performed by the staff and the creation (reengineering) of project management centers (PMC), the development of a package of organizational and administrative documentation for the PMG and PMC, procedures and instructions, staff training. Development of key performance indicators of project implementation by PMG personnel, and portfolios (programs) of projects by PMC personnel.

Business process reengineering is a comprehensive analysis, fundamental rethinking and redesign (sometimes radical) of the business processes of building project management and project portfolios. Development of key performance indicators for project implementation and project portfolios. Justification of how the optimized process model will achieve significant improvements in key performance indicators and business efficiency of the Customer.

Deployment of system components is performed only if APMS is deployed on the Customer’s servers. In the case of a server lease with APMS deployed, THIS service is not performed, and the cost of the project is reduced by the amount corresponding to the scale of deployment.

Oracle Primavera and Hydrogen documentation are standard user instructions supplied by software developers. There are separate instruction packages for system administrators (deployment, configuration) and for users (use) of APMS.

Operational documentation is localized instructions adapted to the needs of a particular Customer, taking into account the organizational structure, business processes, settings deployed APMS, and more. Such documentation also includes a methodological part.

Reporting Development is the creation and configuration of reports using standard Primavera tools, as well as create unique Progress Tracker reports to meet the unique needs of the customer and/or business (within the functionality of the toolkit).

Intense support is the ongoing on-line support of dedicated Contractor specialists for a deployed and customized solution, making individual changes to the settings and operational documentation. Includes technical, advisory and methodological support. We also practice personnel outstaffing service-providing project management specialists and Primavera specialists for the duration of the Customer’s project implementation on a full or part-time basis.