Project Control as a Service


It is not profitable for foreign companies implementing projects around the world to invest in local IT infrastructure and IT staff, because the project is a temporary phenomenon. For the small companies, similar capital investments that are quite considerable, in general are senseless. But, along with it, it is necessary to control carefully the budget and terms of implementation of these projects.

We suggest that you do not create data centers, do not buy servers and network equipment, and do not hire expensive it staff and engineers for planning and control. We propose to form a transparent and controlled cost plan for the control function of the project, with clear content and results.

We will give you exclusive access to a secure server with deployed Primavera and Progress Tracker in a secure data center and a separate database for your business. Your employees can connect to this server from anywhere in the Internet. Our qualified team will help you plan and track your project.


The service represents information and analytical support of adoption of management decisions and is intended for the management of construction companies; customers and investors of construction projects; heads of construction projects and programs.

The main components of service in Project control are:

Providing exclusive access to the automated control system for construction projects (ACSCP) and the automated system of user support (ASUS), support of ACSCP and ASUS in the mode of high availability, 365/24;

Dedicated IT staff that is provided methodical, advisory and technical support of users on use of the software;

Dedicated engineering staff that is developed the project management Plan, support the calendar and network schedule of the project in the current state and the formation of a management reporting package.


Reliable, timely and convenient structured information about the situation in the project: the Plan and execution of works on urgent and cost indicators; Analysis of deviations of actual indicators from planned; Forecast of the project development by terms and cost.

Analysis of the implications of the different solutions which is key for the project (“how to…” analysis); Analysis of the causes and development of recommendations for preventing / eliminating budget overruns and lagging behind; Monitoring changes to the project, being able to keep track of their history and impact on the initial project implementation plan.

Analytical report on the project in the format of plan / fact / forecast: the execution of works, according to the approved target plan; development of funds, according to the approved budget; financing of the project, according to the approved financing plan; implementation of key tasks that affect the results of the project.

As a result, the manageability of the project is significantly improved, the information clutter is significantly reduced which ultimately leads to the avoidance of losses, penalties and unplanned expenses. Depending on the combination of project risks, quality control of the project helps to save between 5 and 15% of the budget.