Hydrogen Progress Tracker


Hydrogen Progress Tracker functions together with Oracle Primavera and is developed on the basis of real requirements of construction business, is intuitively clear, it is easy to seize and use it.

Progress Tracker is directed to reduction of duration and the number of routine operations. Saving of time for planning of the project makes from 10 to 100 times. Schedulers will receive the instrument of standardization of templates and reference books; workers will receive the quick access to data are interested. Responsible for the reporting concerning the fact will receive the simple and smart tool allowing to perform in due timework and not to make fatal flaws.

For any Progress Tracker modules, the user licenses are not necessary, only one license for each database is necessary. You can use any Progress Tracker modules without restriction of number of users.

Progress Tracker uses own DB MS SQL Server and a client-server architecture. The physical data security is ensured by means of DBMS. Access to data it is realized by the flexible system of distribution of powers between groups of users (roles) or, directly, accounts, with use of enciphering of registration data. Depending on settings, the user gets access to specific projects, tools and fields.

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PROJECT DATA READER gives an opportunity for unlimited number of users to look through information from the PRIMAVERA database.

Unlike PRIMAVERA’s complex interface, it takes less than an hour for the user to learn how to get the data they need.

The tool allows you to view data from the PRIMAVERA database in the usual way for users, using layouts, filters and groupings. After the necessary information is displayed, it can be saved in excel format and continue the analysis, preparation of diagrams, presentations, etc.

Thus, information on the planning and progress of projects becomes available to those who need it, according to the rights in the system.

Invite employees involved in procurement, material accounting, financial managers, site linear engineers, partners and contractors to participate in the project.


The BoQ IMPORT module provides the ability to automatically import into Primavera the contract price statement (so-called commercial estimate, or bill of quantities – BoQ), carry out a preliminary project margin estimate and generate tender reporting.

The BoQ format is common in western companies and provides a fairly straightforward structured list of objects, sub-objects, constructs and substructures and a list of works in physical terms with prices. Summarize the BoQ e the backbone of the entire project, the starting point and basis for project planning and tracking.

Automatic import of BoQ allows you to avoid many days (in some cases, many months) of manual labor and download BoQ in PRIMAVERA in minutes.

An additional feature is the function of marginality calculation, thanks to which you will be able to distribute volumes between contractors and hold tenders for the execution of works.


Track Actual / Approve Actual modules allow you to update a project created in Primavera from a remote construction site, with the involvement of an unlimited number of employees.

The modules works in a single process and designed to collect and approve the actual work performance (measured in physical volumes) and the actual expenditure of all types of resources (measured in physical units and / or hours).

Modules allow you to automate routine updating procedures that are performed in PRIMAVERA and avoid errors, intentional and unintentional distortion of the actual data, create reports on the entered and agreed fact.

Standard and actual methods of write-off of resources, control of dates and excess of planned targets are supported, the organization of feedback from the construction site is provided.


The INTEGRATION DATABASE is obligatory for deploy and use of PROGRESS TRACKER modules and realization of processes of data exchange with corporate information systems of the customer.

INTEGRATION DATABASE stores all the required modules and directories, settings, tables needed to authorize users and determine their rights on the system and more.

A separate important feature is that using the tools of INTEGRATION DATABASE and PRIMAVERA Web – SERVICES is carried out a record data in the PRIMAVERA database.

With the help of INTEGRATION DATABASE, it becomes possible to implement integration with almost any information systems of the customer, which are working based on databases. In this case, the INTEGRATION DATABASE becomes a transit store for the data to be exchanged.