About Us

A Few Words About Hydrogen Development

HYDROGEN DEVELOPMENT company focuses on the development and implementation of the project management software for construction projects.

We seek to provide to our clients the professional solution based on the software of Oracle Primavera and Hydrogen Progress Tracker which will help to carry out construction projects in time and within the budget and also to reduce expenses on management.

We are proud that our clients have trusted us for over 15 years. We work closely with them to create the best in class IT solutions, applying in-depth knowledge of software development and practical experience of management of construction projects.

We work in a very limited area, concentrating only on the software for management of construction, which significantly narrows our customer base, but only provides high quality solutions.

Our Approach

Work Hard, Stay Humble, Dream Big!

We know that a systematic and rigorous approach to researching our customers needs and developing software is not the best way to make money fast.

However, we cannot do the work in any other way than qualitatively, thoroughly, in any other way than honestly.

Because behind it is our reputation and the reputation of our customers. Because we want to bring a little bit of stability and joy from a job well done.

Our History

2000 – 2003
Beginning. Project Management Business Consulting Company (PMBC). The first project to implement Primavera at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Shelter. Conducting user training. Consulting activities.

2003 – 2007
PMBK is expanding its activities: in addition to training, consulting, implementation of ASPP at Primavera, there is a project management department on behalf of the Customer.

2007 – 2012
The official dealer of Oracle Primavera – PMSOFT-Ukraine LLC is appearing in Ukraine. Implementation projects continue from this company. A number of automation projects for Primavera construction companies have been implemented, standard schemes, knowledge bases and business processes have been developed.

2012 – 2016
Concentration on automation of engineering companies and construction of large industrial facilities. Development of the first version of Progress Tracker.

2016 – 2018
Allocation of software development unit to a separate company – HYDROGEN DEVELOPMENT, development of new software modules. Implementation of the integrated system of Oracle-based Primavera and Progress Tracker modules.

A new era – exploring new markets, attracting new specialists to the team, investing in a business.

Core Team

Roman Fesenko

Technical Architect

Delphi, Visual C++, GCC (C/C++), C#, Oracle, MS SQL, Oralce RDBMS, IBM AIX 6/7, Redhat Linux Experience 17 years.

Victor Paliy

Chief Financial Officer

17 years experience in Financial accounting.

Juriy Pirus

Functional Architect

IPMA Lev-C, Oracle Primavera Implementation, Business Analysis. Experience 17 years.

Pavlo Kaiuk

Chief Commercial Officer

IPMA “B”, PhD. Project Management Construction Methodology and business analysis. Business Coach. 20 years experience.

Serg Kirichenko

Project Control

IPMA Lev-C, Construction Project Control, Business Analysis. Experience 20 years.

Volodymir Glinskiy

Progect Manager

IPMA Lev-C, Construction Project Manager, Project Management Methodologist, Business Analysis. Experience 20 years.

Roman Novomlynets

Primavera Engineer

Primavera Engineer, Project Control, Construction technologist, Experience 7 years.

Victor Bukin

Primavera Engineer

IPMA Lev-C, Primavera Engineer, TechWriter, Construction technologist, Experience 7 years.