Primavera and Progress Tracker Hosting

Ready to use, automated project management system based on Primavera and Progress Tracker

The most widespread option of use Primavera is deployment on the customer’s servers. Today, businesses tend to use cloud solutions. It is not possible to provide a universal answer for all cases.

We offer a middle ground that avoids the disadvantages of both options – the high cost of Primavera deployment projects (installed solutions) and significant limitations in integrating with the customer’s corporate information systems and modification capabilities (cloud solutions).

The proposed system is a complex of hardware and server and client software, namely Oracle Primavera EPPM P6 and Hydrogen Progress Tracker, to which users of the customer are connected via remote desktop technology or directly to the database server.

It should be noted that any project of implementation of the project management system necessarily consists of two parts: the deployment of APMS (which is spilled on this page) and its implementation. Each of the deployment options has its advantages:

PRIMAVERA ON-PREMISES. The deployment of APMS on the customer’s servers is recommended for companies with strict restrictions on the use of solutions located “on the perimeter” of the local network. Sometimes, integration solutions require this approach. We practice system deployment and support at the Customer as well.

PRIMAVERA HOSTED. Hosting a server with deployed automated system of accounting of consumption [APMS] allows saving up to 50% of the cost of ownership, significantly (2-4 times) accelerates deployment and provides round-the-clock support for automatic control systems. The purpose of this approach is to ensure the implementation of the business functions of planning, control and reporting in the implementation of projects. In fact, you get the combined practical experience of our engineers, business consultants, trainers and IT specialists, and not just access to servers with installed software.

• You receive a ready system at once, by the principle “take and use”.
• You do not need to buy the server IT-equipment, to pay for the Data-processing Centre (DPC) or its construction.
• You do not need to care about physical safety and probability to breaking. Actually, on your office there are neither servers nor the personal computer with data.
• You do not need to employ the expensive IT personnel, pay salaries, taxes and to depend on a human factor.
• You can use service how many it is necessary for you, according to requirements which may vary.
• And in the end, it is much cheaper.

The following packages of PRIMAVERA HOSTED are offered

Oracle Primavera EPPM P6 licenses are provided by Oracle and must be purchased by the Customer independently.
Hydrogen Progress Tracker licenses are included in the cost of the service.

Off-line administrative support is a support service for functional administrators Oracle Primavera and Progress Tracker, aimed at assisting in the implementation of administrative and corporate settings, security settings, etc. Implemented by means of service Desk redmine (

Off-line user support is the Oracle Primavera and Progress Tracker user support service aimed at assisting in the use of software, namely: planning, monitoring, control and reporting. Implemented by means of service Desk redmine (

On-line user support is a service that provides “live” communication via Skype, TeamViewer, etc., in relation to applications duly executed by the redmine service desk ( Time, subject and technical means of communication agree in the application.